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APRIL 24 - 25, 2020





Learn Practices That Will Unlock Your Potential To Succeed And Navigate Adversity.

Maintain happiness no matter what life throws at you. The very practices that helped Mark to:

Fight a debilitating disorder that leaves sufferers bedridden even though Mark’s test results were quantifiably record setting​

Rise from his deathbed after doctors had written him off to competing in bodybuilding competitions and fitness modeling

Start a business with $248 in his pocket and turning that into a 6-figure business within a year that still continues to grow

Overcome a battered and abused childhood and become a mindful and balanced adult

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• April 24 to April 25, 2020 (Friday and Saturday)
• 2 full days of interactive wellness sessions with Mark Washco
• Healthy meals, snack and non-alcoholic beverages
• Fun activities and more!


Limited seats available so book your spot today!


We will get into physical health, mental wellbeing, techniques of setting and attaining goals, improving your quality of life, diet and fitness. Mark will also share his (and his clients’) experience on prevailing over anxiety & depression. And we will also have some fun!



Mark Washco

Mark is a Nationally certified personal trainer, deathbed survivor, global entrepreneur, author, public speaker, and life coach. He is an entrepreneur who turned the last $248 he had in his pocket into a $150,000 per year profit, health & wellness business in a year. He coaches clients as well as six and seven-figure coaches themselves. From celebrities to professional athletes. But this is not what is remarkable about him.

He overcame a battered and abusive childhood to become a loving, productive and inspirational adult. Sure he beat some odds; but not a unique story.

He transformed his skinny 152 lb frame to a 200 lb sub 10% body fat physique in a few years by learning the science behind nutrition and physical training. He has the strength to weight ratio that is only found in the NFL and chemically enhanced pro lifters, yet his physique is NATURALLY built.

Again, Impressive. But Not Incredible.

What is truly remarkable about Mark is that he accomplished ALL of the above while suffering from a devastating and debilitating disease that he barely survived. He was left however with a chronic condition, one that leaves many of its sufferers bed-ridden. In fact, his blood test results - which he will make available to those who want proof - showed that his results were, in some cases, record-setting. This was not a mild affliction. He has not allowed the infection nor the disorder to define him nor limit him at what he sets his mind to achieve.

Mark is now intent on spreading inspiration and love amongst his clients, friends, and followers. As an example, one of his clients, who suffers from cerebral palsy, was depressed and had given up on life. With Mark’s guidance and inspiration, this client has since adopted a lifestyle that not only made him happier and fitter, but he actually went on to win a bodybuilding competition and now owns his own thriving business!

What matters is where Mark came from and all that he had to overcome despite the odds stacked against him. You beat the odds once, it could be a chance. You do it ten times in a row, clearly its a mindset and a system. Driven by self-love, acceptance, and love for others, dynamic psychology and intricate knowledge of the body and brain, Mark is able to motivate and coach himself and others to do amazing things.

There is a lot to be learned from him so join us and have fun while learning how to improve your overall quality of life!


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